About us

About TE Germany GmbH

0,23 g/km

average CO² emission per 1.000 kg moved

since we
established in 2017

$8.7 Billion

in goods transported


Destination + even more with on-/ pre-carriage

Our company

We connect consumers
with the global

TE Germany GmbH is a critical link that connects consumers with the global marketplace. For more than 500 years of employees experience, TE Germany GmbH has played a vital role in building and sustaining the economy along our routes. Our vision is to realize our tremendous potential by providing transportation services that consistently meet our customers’ expectations and creating business opportunities in global commerce. Our people bring it to life each day!

Our employees

We are focused on
keeping the railroad
moving forward.

The people who work at TE Germany GmbH the ones who drive the railroad to success. TE Germany GmbH people are from all areas of the country and have a variety of skills. TE Germany GmbH is focused on keeping the railroad moving forward, meeting customers’ needs and serving the communities where our employees live and work.


It all begins
with every

“Diversity has become a way of life at TE Germany GmbH along with Employees need to be able to look up to the top of the organization and see enough role models.” – Wanxu Dong, Shareholder.

We’ve covered great distances in our diversity journey, and it all begins with every employee valuing the differences we each bring to the workplace. By embracing and appreciating each other, our work experience, our jobs and our lives are enriched.

Our philosophy

Thank you
to all customers
& partners.

For our customers we go above and beyond! Meeting todays demands and expectations of the market means a lot more than just “operating”. We build, we empower and we creat opportunities!


Keeping communities
great where our
employees live & work.

We are focused on keeping the people forward and serving the communities where our employees live and work. Within the last year we donated more than 85.000 EUR to organisations focused on humanitary aid to strengthen exactly those who are in need. -keeping communities great where our employees live and work!

26 Departures
per week

With up to 26 departures per week – both east-/ and westbound – we’re one of the leading providers in our industry. Every week we’re serving more than 72 destinations inside China and Europe.

to more than
72 destinations

From more than 24 destinations inside Europe to more than 48 destinations inside China. That’s more than 2.300 active connection combined – every single week and 365 days per year!

from $990 & 11 days
transit time

With rates starting as low as $990/40′ Container and transit times starting from 11 days only, we offer you and your client an amazing alternative to other transport modes.

240 employees in more
than 9 locations

Together with our mother company Beijing Trans Eurasia Logistics Ltd (TE) and our fully owned subsidary Bahnoperator Polska, more than 240 Employees taking care of your shipments. With more than 5 Offices inside China, 3 Offices inside Germany and one Office inside Poland we ensure to be as close as possible to our main Hubs.